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ghostly image in old photograph There is a lot of unexplained phenomenon in the world, from ghostly entities to extraterrestrials and ufo sightings.

Here you can explore the strange and unusual realm of cryptoid creatures, life after death, paranormal activity and abilities, mysterious locations and places around the globe, para psychology and odd human abilities, and other weird and bizarre things that might be happening behind your closet door. smiley face with toungue sticking out

  Astral Projection/Out of Body Experiences (3)
  Extraterrestrials (4)
  Ghosts/Spirits/Entities (4)
  Mysterious Places (4)
  Parapsychology (3)
  Crystals & Gemstones (3)
  Dimensions (4)
  Unexplained Mysteries (4)

Directory Links

The Shadowlands
Dedicated to the world's mysteries such as ghosts and haunted places, UFOs, Bigfoot and Nessie, Crytozoology and many other mysterious creatures and phenomenon.
The largest network of websites about monsters and our content focused on mythical and supernatural creatures has grown to thousands of articles, pictures and videos since we appeared in 1998.

The 10 Strangest, Most Terrifying Creatures Ever Found
"What the heck is that weird thing?" Pictures of some strange, unsual, odd and bizarre creatures. Is it a rare animal? An extraterrestrial hybrid? Skeptical? Take a look.

Loch Ness Monster Live Cams
Here you can watch for Nessie, the famous monster in Scotland's beautiful loch on the live webcam. You'll also find nessie facts, figures and fun about the loch.

Thresholds Into Other Realms
Thresholds Radio Is Chicago's very own radio show pertaining to all aspects of the paranormal realm, UFO's & Extraterrestrial life and more, with new guest speakers every week

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