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Healing Anger and Violence in Our Society

Criminal Background Checks: A Necessity In Our Society?

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Managing Difficult People and 12 Steps of Preparation

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Top 10 Ancient Civilizations With Advanced Technology
Archeologist David Hatcher Childress has taken many incredible journeys Writing prolifically of lost cities and ancient civilizations from the legendary city of Atlantis to the Aroi Sun Kingdom.

Top Ten Ancient Unusual Weapons
The use of weaponry in fights and wars has had its distinct and monotonous tastes. Here is a list of the most unusual and weird weapons ever used in the history of mankind.

Crypto-Archaeology is the study of the strange and unusual from our ancient past dealing with the discoveries that don't fit our traditional understanding of history.

The Maya Of Eternal Time 2012 Beyond
Drunvalo Melchizedek reports from the National Mayan Council of Elders and Don Alejandro on how the Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012, is different than what the world has been reporting.

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