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Perscription medicine and drugs in pill bottle happy smiley face

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100 Seinfeld quotes [Episode 1] [video]
A frenetic mashup of many, many random clips from the legendary show about 'nothing'.

Jack Tripper's dance number-Up In the Air Episode [video]
Janet takes Jack to a cocktail party. They have to fly on a tiny plane to get there, which freaks Jack out so he takes a tranquilizer. While at the party, he drinks and the mix with the pills make for an impressive dance routine!

Smack The Pony - Cleansing [video]
Funny Clip From Series 1 Ep.1

Drugs and Drinks Don't Mix [video]
Drugs and Drinks Don't Mix. This memorable and hilarious clip is from "Threes Company. In this clip, John Ritter (Jack Tripper) shows off with his wild antics and a bizarre dance routine at a party.

The big bang theory - best conversation ever [video]
Hilarious clip from the popular television show "The Big Bang Theory". In this episode, penny sprains her arms and sheldon takes her to the doctor. The dialougue between the two is hilarious!

Possibly the Funniest Game Show Answer Ever[video]
Could this be possibly the funniest game show answer in the world? From the popular television show Wheel of Fortune, watch this mans attempt to guess the puzzle.

Drugs and Drinks Don't Mix [video]
Effect of 2 Tranquilizers and The Rocket

Sesame Street: Wild Words and Outdoor Adventures [video]
These words are wild! Join your Sesame Street friends and special guests for outdoor adventures full of rich science vocabulary. Jimmy Fallon swoops in as Wild Nature Survivor Guy, but will he be able to survive in the wilds of Sesame Street?

Moment in the Life of Lil Jon - Doctor [video]
Moment in the Life of Lil Jon - Dave Chapelle Show

Epic Sax Homer [video]
Homer does his impersonation of the Epic Sax Guy. Animated images are Copyright Matt Groening.

Moment in the Life of Lil Jon - Doctor [video]
- Moment in the Life of Lil Jon - Doctor - From the Dave Chappelle Show.

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