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  Unique Animal Humor Websites

Squirrel Giving Squirrel a Massage smiley face wearing shades

Directory Links

The Amazing LyreBird [video]
The amazing LyreBird from Austrailia. This Bird can copy the sound of everybody including Human sounds and voices. What a Bird!!!

20 Most Ridiculous Zoo Signs on Earth
These hilarious and odd photos are real animal related signs and posts that were found in parks and zoos. Some of these just don't make sense or are just plain bizarre!

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You'
When your cat is kneading on you, you may think this is a sign of affection but your cat is actually checking your internal organs for weaknesses. Is your cat scheming to murder you when you least expect it?

A unique satire and parody website with articles and photos, gifts, merchandise, comedy, parody apparel, and so much more.

The Gay Test
You may be gay and not even realize it. Want to Find out? Take the SnackFoam Gay Test here to determine if you need to come out of the closet you didn't know you were in.

Monopoly Cards We'd Like To See
These are some hilarious and clever spoof pictures of community chest and chance cards from the famous Monopoly board game by parker brothers.
A forum for dim-witted, encourage mindless exchange of ideas between those with a low IQ. Include discussions on irrelevant topics, mindless ponderings about trivia and research and debate.

10 Reasons It Would Rule To Date a Unicorn
A humorous comic-style look at the top ten reasons why it would be awesome to date a unicorn. You will be the ency of all of your friends!

Cats That Look Like Hitler
Does your cat look like Adolf Hitler? Do you wake up in a cold sweat every night wondering if he's going to up and invade Poland? If so, this is the website for you.

Cat Using Toilet & Toilet Paper [video]
Yes, cats can be trained to use the toilet just like us humans. Watch the kitty use the potty and make clever use of the toilet paper too! Also see: A Cat That Enjoys Flushing The Toilet

Dog goes crazy watching animal planet [video]
A funny clip of a dog sitting in front of the tv, going nuts and barking like crazy while watching the television show 'Planet's funniest animals'.

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