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  Unique Food Humor Websites

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Directory Links

Food Network Humor
Cook with them. Laugh with This site is a satire and parody of the Food Network TV station, its hosts and shows.

The Most WTF Cookbooks Of All Time
Cookbooks are essential to chefs and the foundation of fine cuisine. Unless of course they're like these, which are the foundation of craziness and some of the last appetizing meals you'll come across.

Hitler Loves Cheetos! [video]
One thing you may not have known about Hitler was that he was very fond of Cheetos. Grawitz is hungry....too bad Hitler has the last bags of Cheetos.

Tomatoes Are Evil
Prepare to be educated about the truth about the humble tomato. A tomato can not only ruin a perfectly good sandwic, but for many it also ruins lives!

Beans Around The World
The true-life adventures of a can of black beans that has traveled all over the world. Seriously. Nutritionally complete with photos, essays, and a dash of fun

Strange Cookbooks
There are adventurous eaters out there who will try anything, and cooks who thrive on experimentation. Cookbooks come in a variety of themes and styles but these are for the strange and daring in mind.

Funny Food & Culinary
My food looks funny: Finding humor in the culinary arts, from chef Twitter fights to pole dancing Peeps, and links to some other great food related humor and websites.

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