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List of unexplained sounds
The following is a list of sounds, where the source of the sound remains unknown. From bizarre bloops and julias to weird whistles and the wow! signal.

10 Mysteries With A Logical Explanation
It'ss always fun to read about new and exciting mysteries whilst trying to figure out a solution to them. This list looks at 10 well known mysteries, and attempts to explain them.

The Anomalous Research Association, research on the scientific study of aerial, psychical, cryptozoological, and anomalous phenomena, plus a paranormal Encyclopedia

10 Unexplained Phenomena That You (Probably) Never Heard of Before
Toads in the coal, flimmern-geists, impossible footprints, vanishing people, mystery sratches, natural infrasound, the hessdalen lights, time slips, the plain of jars, and hyper perceptions.

WikiPedia Category:Mysteries
A category for mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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