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The Last Page of The Internet
Yep, you've spent countless hours in front of the computer surfing the net, and you thought it would never happen. You've finally reached the very last page of the Internet.

If Google Search Results Had a Sense of Humor
We've seen our share of screen caps of vaguely offensive Google search suggestions. But what if Google decided they just straight up didn't care, and altered their algorithm accordingly?

Uncyclopedia Wiki
Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies. It's a spoof parody of the popular wikipedia website that anyone can edit especially if they have a silly or strange sense of humor.

Internet Love Song
The internet love song by Bill Bailey. This clip features an animation created be Joe Magee and if you're familiar with internet euphemisms it could have you ROFL'ing

100 Funny and Unusual 404-Error Pages
Ever reach a page that doesn't exist on a website and you get the 404 Not Found error? Here are some bizarre, clever and hilarious 404 pages from various websites.

Hilarious Replies To Nigerian Scam Emails
This man was tired of all the nigerian scam and spam emails he was receiving and decided to do something about it. A compilation of his clever and bizarre replies.

Funny Microsoft Windows Errors
Some of these may or may not be altered, but either way you will get a good laugh at these non sensical and hilarious microsoft windows errors.

Google Your Race
Racial profiling with Google Search Engine. Also, articles on racism in america.

Philosoraptor - Know Your Meme
Philosoraptor is an image macro series featuring a clip art of Velociraptor deeply immersed in metaphysical inquiries or unraveling quirky paradoxes.

Epic Sax Guy [video]
Epic Sax Guy is viral video originating from the song “Run Away” as performed by the Moldovan dance/pop trio SunStroke Project.

Sad Nyan Cat [video]
Nyan Cat on a bad day.

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