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Healing Anger and Violence in Our Society

Criminal Background Checks: A Necessity In Our Society?

The 18 Characteristics Of Happy People

Top 20 Qualities of Smart People

Managing Difficult People and 12 Steps of Preparation

Introduction To The Four Agreements

Culture War?

How To Make People Happy: 5 Happiness Tips That Make People Feel Awesome


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True Crime Report
The latest crime news, crime scene photos, crime statistics, homicides, true crime stories, unsolved cases, douchebags lists, sex crimes, homicides and missing persons.

Issei Sagawa
Issei Sagawa is a Japanese man that murdered and cannibalized a woman in 1981. After his release, he became a minor celebrity in Japan, making a living through the public's interest in his crime.

America's Dumbest Criminals
Based on the hilarious and outrageous videos from the popular reality TV show. The ultimate collection of incredibly stupid and painfully dumb attempts at crime ever brought together.

10 Wrongfully Convicted People
From to the famous Joan of Arc, to an Irish nun accused of raping a young girl, they were put in prison, and some even sentenced to death, but later to be found innocent.

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