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How to Fall in Love with Procrastination

How to Use the Power of Words to Your Benefit - Part I

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What Makes Life Meaningful?
This post is a brief look at what creates meaning in our lives. And a list of a few of the containers in which the gift of meaning is to be found.

Healing with Hurt Using Your Pain to Help Others
You can channel your pain into helping others and spreading a tide of curative energy throughout the world.

Heart and Soul
The Heart and Soul Network is a totally free online resource center where you can have fun, feel inspired, and find what you are looking for.

There is beauty in life [video]
Some affirmations from the internet, from Louise L. Hay, photos and pictures from photobucket etc.

Powerful video Can't explain it just watch [video]
Powerful Inspirational video.

Finding Your Deepest Heart [video]
One's deepest heart contains knowledge of the true capacity for love which lives within each soul. Such love is as vast as the Universe and can be felt as the heart awakens.

Walk the Talk [video]
Walk the Talk

The Truth Of You [video]
The Truth Of You

Reflections Of a Mature Heart [video]
My mature heart has learned many things in life. It has learned that while we make mistakes, we also learn from them. That as we age, we don't need to lose our childlike heart

The Meaning of Life
A brief generic overview of why you are here, what your experience is all about and what it all means

"To touch someone's heart is to leave an imprint on their soul." ~Enza Currenti~ [video]
Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory

♪♥♫♥The Miracle Of Friendship♥♪♥♫ [video]
May you always find your treasure In the blessings that life sends In the beauty of each season, In the company of friends.

Love Letter to the Sun
Dearest Sun, where have you gone? Have I offended you? Has another mistress called? You’ve left me pining, crying, a shadow of my former self.

The Living Light [video]
From Anger to Love

Is Love Alive In The Winter Of Our Apathy? [video]
This video was made for as an inspiration to motive us to get into the true spirit of giving, and to rid ourselves of our apathy and indifference to the suffering that is going on in the world.

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