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Internet Love Song
The internet love song by Bill Bailey. This clip features an animation created be Joe Magee and if you're familiar with internet euphemisms it could have you ROFL'ing

Weird Band Names
From Abstract Evil Barbie to Zombies Under Stress.

Dr. Demento
Nationally renowned for his weekly two-hour radio festival of mad music and crazy comedy heard on radio stations coast to coast. It's a free-wheeling unpredictable mix of music and comedy.

Kirk/Spock - If You Were Gay [video]
Kirk/Spock- If Kirk Were Gay

Grandma Got a Facebook [video]
Grandma Got a Facebook

Joe Dolce - Crop Circles in My Marijuana [video]
This videoclip was created by Joe Dolce and Peter Hosking for the premiere of 'Nucountry' TV on Channel 31 Melbourne. This was a bonus multi-media track on the album 'freelovedays'.

Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips. [video]
Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

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