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10 Instances of Hilarious Cross-Cultural Humor
Humor is a concept that's subjective and in the eye of the beholder. This is especially true when thinking about how humor is perceived around the world and across borders.

Hollywood's Craziest Foreign Country Stereotypes
Stereotyping is the language of hate, ignorance, and comedy. Perpetuating stereotypes is always good for an easy laugh in Hollywood. The following is a YouTube collection of perhaps the most iconic of these.

Japan is Weird - I has a funny
Japanese culture can sometimes be a little weird and eccentric. This site features some random hilarious and bizarre photos of various people, objects, places and situations from Japan.

Australian humour
Australian humour has a long history that can be traced back to our origins as convict colonies. It is therefore no surprise that a national sense of humour quickly developed that responded to those conditions.

Mapping Stereotypes
These hilarious posters of world maps are a collection of natural stereotypes from all countries around the world. Warning: These may not be so politically correct. ; )

Cultural Humor & Jokes
Many people believe that while traveling you should never compare one culture to another. Some of the cultural differences in Korea compared to Western Culture are just too funny not to mention!
Japanese Engrish takes a fun look at the various products, signs, bags, clothing, etc. coming out of Japan that contain funny or far-out English.

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