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sun rise over ocean Looking for some spiritual inspiration, self help and enlightenment? Here are some unique websites and videos on spirituality to help you find awareness, inner peace, and connection to a higher source. Learn more about the various spiritual and mystical traditions of the world, from the awakening of human consciousness on the planet, to meditation and self awareness.

The spiritual path is a path that takes one on a journey of self discovery and provides a deeper meaning and purpose in your life and in the world. happy smiley face

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Directory Links

The Difference Between New-Age Spirituality & Authentic Spirituality
Three paragraphs that define and explain the differences between a spirituality that is 'new agey' vs one that is 'non new agey' plus some enlightening quotes.

Spirit Library
A wonderful abundance spiritually empowering messages, articles, videos and channelings available on the internet to inspire your thoughts to guide you to a more conscious creation of your life.

Seasoned Spirituality
Seasoned by experience, believe, behave, become, commitment, transformatin and witness. A spiritual site with spiritual exercises for contemplatives by Jesuit Fr Rodney Kissinger, S.J.

Connecting with Nature – The Power of Trees
The Tree of Life appears in cultures worldwide, while individual trees have been considered sacred. She remarks that, “The words ‘tree’ and ‘truth’ share the original Old English word root, treow.”

Spirituality Articles
Is being religious same as being spiritual? Not really. Then what does spirituality mean? Read on to enlighten yourself on the spiritual aspect of life. Also find ways to achieve spiritual growth.

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