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2 Hours of "that sweet sound" everyone likes [video]
The sound of pure 'White Noise'.

List of unexplained sounds
The following is a list of sounds, where the source of the sound remains unknown:

Star Sound made visible with Cymatics [video]
This is the first star sound EVER made visible, quite a milestone in the history of the world! Imaged on the CymaScope

Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound (Part 1 of 3) [video]
These original films of Cymatics experiments were made in the 1960's by Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny.

How Earth Sounds from Space [video]
Radio frequencies coming off the surface of the earth converted to audible soundwaves.

The Root Chakra - Crystal Bowl [video]
This is the first in a series of short videos for the chakra's using crystal singing bowls and light.

Vibraonic Sounds (part 7) [video]
This musical instrument generates Pythagorean notes that the human voice and modern musical instruments cannot duplicate.

Solfeggio Harmonics - 852 HZ - Awakening Intuition [video]
A solfeggio based meditation for awakening intuition and telepathic communication.

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