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Joe Pettis Stand up comedian on stage at the Funny Farm happy smiley face

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10 Most Controversial Comedians of All Time
Controversial comedy; where would we be without it? For almost a century it has been the task of new generations of comics to help us deal with social and political pains by making us laugh at all that is sacred.

11 Funny Comedians With Serious Music Albums
A long line of crazy talented comedy people who have also seen success as serious musicians. Ever hear Steve Martin's freewheelin', finger-pickin' banjo playing?

The 24 Most Underrated Stand Up Comedians
The best comedians aren’t necessarily the ones that get all the movie roles, have sold out comedy tours or guest star on the most popular TV shows.

FTF Films: The Quality Of Language [ video]
Created In unconditional loving memory of comedian & truth speaker George Carlin. The quality of our thoughts and ideas.... can only be as good as the quality of our language."

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