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Using Positive Self-Affirmations in Sports

20 Greatest Moments In Sports History

Zodiac Signs And Fitness, Your Sun Signs Can Give You Some Helpful Hints

Avoid Common Fitness Pitfalls

How to Choose a Martial Art


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man balancing on head Are you a sports enthusiast or atheltic person? Or are you a health and fitness buff looking for some workout advice or diet tips? Here is a list of some links to the most unique sports and fitness websites, articles, videos and community sites.

From bizarre yoga poses and exercise videos to strange celebrity endoresments and odd sporting events that you never knew existed, you'll find some fascinating, unusual and even informative sites here.excited smiley face

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The 18 Strangest "Sports" In The World
If you think curling is weird, you ain't seen nothing yet. These extreme sports are extremely weird. A short video is included with each bizarre sporting event. Also see: Complete List of Unusual Sports

Bizarre Athlete Endorsements
Joe Namath for Beauty Mist Pantyhose? Big Ben’s Beef Jerky?
And what product did the already eccentric Dennis Rodman endorse?

LOL Sports
Objective sports articles to help save “The Guy” from his ever-growing “gut.” It’s been said that sports are poetry. Also, statistics to shed new light on how sports work in motion.

World RPS Society
Yes, there actually is on. Introducing the the World Rock, Paper, Scissors Society.

Petition To Get Pole Dancing in 2012 Olympics
Pole Dance as Art and SportLadies - International Pole Dance Championships

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