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When We Help Immigrants, We Help Ourselves

Watch What You Say!

When We Help Immigrants, We Help Ourselves


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confederate congress building and meeting A list of unique website links related to government, politics and law. Great political information and blogs, useful government resources, strange laws, government conspiracies, and more!smiley face wearing shades

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Cost of War
Cost of War to the United States - National Priorities Project (NPP) is a 501(c)(3) research organization that analyzes and clarifies federal data so that people can understand and influence how their tax dollars are spent.

The Feds Finally Recognize The Anti-Cancer Potential Of Cannabis — 36 Years Too Late!
The National Institute of Cancer, a component of the U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health, finally acknowledges the betters of marijuana for cancer treatment.

U.S President's Family Tree
Girl Discovers Royal Blood runs deep with all U.S. Presidents. A young girl traces many of the U.S presidents back to one common ancestor. From Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama.

Public Citizen
Public Citizen advocates for a healthier and more equitable world by making government work for the people and by defending democracy from corporate greed. You can help.

MSNBC: Banksters & Government Exposed finally by Mainstream News! [video]
Clip is Courtesy of MSNBC reporting about the corruption in the current government. Learn what is really going on with the banks and how it is affecting you.

Big Government. Small Brains. This site features some of the actual strange, bizarre or just plain stupid laws from all around the county.

 Secret Government

NASA, White House, operatives pushing psyops meme around Comet Elenin
Comets Elenin, Levy and Honda may be part of a future false flag environmental war attack on specific human settlements and populations using the HAARP-Chemtrails tectonic and weather warfare system.

FBI Records - The Vault
An electronic reading room, containing more than 3,000 documents that have been scanned from paper into digital copies so you can read them in the comfort of your home or office.

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