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Time And Space: New Meanings For Old Concepts Of Reality

The Basic Concepts of "TMT" Teaching (An excerpt of Chapter 2 of "TMT Power Secrets" Book-2)

Introducing some basic "TMT" Teachings...

"TMT" means "Transcendental Mental Technology, the science and technology of known (physical) and unknown (spiritual) realms of life and reality.

It is simply: spirituality + science.

What Is Time, Mind, And Body, The Inner And Outer Worlds?

Time = A period of Infinity.

Infinity = non-ending time.

Eternity = Infinite infinities!

The spirit (inner) world is the same as the outer physical world.

The spirit world is just more refined and subtle and our senses can't detect it.

Mind is made of 5 senses, through which we detect things.

That which our 5 senses can detect is that which we know and which we call the physical world.

But that which our 5 senses can't detect, we call the inner spirit world.

So, it is the mind (5 senses) that cause a distinction between the two.

Both the inner (spirit) world and the outer physical worlds are one and the same.

Man with his mind is just standing between the two worlds.

Through mind (senses), we move outside to the physical world or inside to the inner world.

But in the average human, the senses move outward, outside into the physical world.

The movement inside into the inner world is not happening because the inner senses are dormant and not functioning.

To become spiritual means to activate these inner senses so that they will start working and start moving inside so that we'll know the inner world too.

But the senses can only move in one direction at a time.

It can't move in two directions at the same time.

To make them move inside, we must make them to stop moving outside.

Then the same energy in the senses will begin to move inside and light up and make the inner world known.

So, if you wish to know the inner world, you must withdraw from the outer world.

Therefore, Mind is the vehicle to move into outer world.

And "no mind" is the vehicle to move into inner world.

The technical name for "no mind" is "MEDITATION"

The greatest teacher about yogic meditation is Patanjali.

The greatest teacher of all types of meditations in modern times is Osho Rajneesh.

There are different types of meditations and yogas: laya yoga, mantra yoga, hatha yoga, tantric yoga, Jnana yoga, karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and raja yoga.

The world is mind, because mind is 5 senses and it is through those 5 senses that we know the world, that we see, feel, touch, hear and taste things.

If the 5 senses stop functioning, the physical world will disappear for us.

Therefore the world is the 5 senses = the mind.

Therefore if you want to withdraw from the outer world, so that you can move inside into the inner worlds, then withdraw from the mind and the 5 senses and the outer world will disappear for you.

The energy of the 5 senses that were moving outside into the outer world will change direction and start moving inside into the inner world.

The inner world is the unknown dimension of man.

It is what we call the spiritual man.

The spirit world.

But we have the wrong ideas of it.

The spirit world is also here and now. It is not far off in another world.

It is not a heaven in the sky.

Heaven is a planet (aka Marduk, Vulcan, 12th planet etc) where the anunnakis live. (see Zacharia Sitchin's books)

When we die, we don't go to a heaven.

No, we don't go to a hell either!

We remain here and now, in the 4th dimension.

The spirit world is here also, but in the 4th dimension.

Its direction is opposite to this outer world.

It is the subtle world.

It is the other part of this world that our senses can't detect because our senses are moving outward.

To detect the spirit world, you have to make the energy of your senses to change direction and begin to move inside.

For example a ghost is an entity that is here and now but in the 4th dimension.

It has a body.

But to us in the 3rd dimension (physical world), it appears as if the body is transparent because the 4th dimension is opposite to us, who are in the 3rd dimension.

To the ghost, we also appear not to be real. Our bodies will also appear transparent and made of light.

So, the reality of matter for both dimensions are relative to each other.

When we die, we go to the 4th dimension.

When we die, it is only our body in the 3rd dimension that has died.

Our bodies in other dimensions continue, as well as our minds.

What we call a ghost, is the body of dead person in the 4th dimension.

We're multi-dimensional, and has no beginning or end. Our body has no beginning or an end.

But the average person, is ignorant of this.

The average person exists only in the 3rd and 4th dimension.

The average person doesn't know about higher dimensions, beyond the 3rd or lower dimensions below the 3rd.

Only an enlightened person has such knowledge because enlightenment or true spirituality means the attainment and the awareness of all dimensions of existence.

What happens to the average person is that he lives in the 3rd dimension without awareness.

So when he dies, he continues to be unaware, and will not know the 4th dimension.

When he dies in the 4th dimension, he is born again into the 3rd dimension.

So, the existence of an average unenlightened person is limited to the movement between the 4th and 3r dimensions.

This is the circle of birth and death.

This is bondage to nature.

This bondage to nature is because of our desires.

And desires are there because of the mind.

Desires = mind compel us to be born into the 3rd dimension.

When we stop desires, the mind will dissolve and our bondage to nature will dissolve and we don't have to continue coming back again and again to the 3rd dimension (this world)

Then we will move on to higher dimensions of existence and also enter into higher bodies.

You're in this world today because of your past desires and wishes.

Those desires are in your unconscious mind.

They create your body and life.

Your desires and wishes create your bodies and life in the 3rd dimension.

During your life in the 3rd dimension, which is this world, you create more desires.

When you die in this 3rd dimension, this world, you move into the 4th dimension.

But you're not aware of it.

You don't know it.

Because the inner senses with which you can know it are not functioning.

For this reason, you live your life in the 4th dimension without knowing it.

It is similar to somebody who is born into the 3rd dimension, this world, but deaf, dumb, blind, mute and paralyzed.

Such a person will be in this world but will not know this world because the senses and organs he needs to know this world are not functioning.

So what we call life or the existence of the average person is movement from 4th dimension to the 3rd dimension, back and forth because we're still rooted desires and this world is made up of desires.

It is desires that keep us bound in the world, the 3rd dimension .

When desires stop, mind will dissolve, and we are free to move into the 4th dimension and others higher.

This is the basic teaching of Guatma the Buddha, one of the greatest philosophers who has ever lived on earth.

But just because desires are the bondage doesn't mean that desires are evil like some organized religions have been teaching.

Mind is the mother of time.

And "no mind" is the mother of infinity.

Beyond infinity is Eternity (consciousness)

The opposite of time is not infinity.

The opposite of time is "no-time".

The opposite of time is not infinity because infinity itself is a form of time. Infinity is time without an end, a no-ending time, so infinity is not the opposite of time.

What is the opposite of time?

The opposite of time is "no-time" or "no-mind".

Infinity is like a circle: no beginning and no ending. \

Eternity is like a globe.


It has no dimension.

It has no structure. It has no boundaries. It can't be described.

That is why Lao Tzu said "The Tao that can be told is not the real Tao"

It has no volume. It doesn't occupy space because it is space.

There is nothing beyond Eternity. It is the ultimate.

Therefore in reality, a straight line doesn't exit.

Only circles exist. And every straight line is part of a circle.

The same goes with time.

Time doesn't exist. Only infinity exists. Every time is part of infinity....

To know much more, please search and find free "TMT Power Secrets ebooks", download and begin to read them.

My these insights and TMT Power free ebooks help you understand yourself and the world and live a life filled with good health, success, love and happiness.


Ikey Benney,
Creator of "TMT Power Secrets",
TMT Org.
New York City

About The Author
Ikey Benney is the creator "TMT: Transcendental Mental Technology"

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Time And Space: New Meanings For Old Concepts Of Reality