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Positive Effects Of Universal Esoteric Philosophy

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Positive Effects Of Universal Esoteric Philosophy

orange glowing sphere If you’re curious about esoteric philosophy, you may be wondering, “What can this stuff do for me?” Here’s a promise I will make to you without hesitation. If you will open your mind and put aside your judgments, negativity, rock-solid beliefs and resistance to new ideas, then you will definitely benefit by learning the fundamental concepts of The Ancient Wisdom Tradition.

On the other hand, if you have your life all figured out and have answers to all of life’s most perplexing questions, then there's nothing more for you to learn. So, with nothing more to learn, you cannot grow – in fact, you can only grow old. So, if this “perennial philosophy” is not your cup of tea - on this particular occasion - who knows? Maybe you’ll return and reconsider its teachings at a later date.

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a life-threatening event (some call it an ‘accident’), the loss of a loved one, a failed marriage, the realization that you hate your job, the loss of a financial fortune or a desperate feeling of disappointment before you’re ready to listen. So, what should you be listening to? That is the question. The ancient teachings of the world's greatest philosophers will provide all the answers.

You may not realize it, but you are programmed from birth to fit into your family, community, religious group, race, heritage and nationality. You are bred to conform to a set of rules intended to lead you down the primrose path. Your intended destination is the promised land of love, happiness, contentment, tranquility and joy.

So, why - at some point in your life – have you become disappointed, disillusioned or depressed? You grew up with a rulebook that promised love, acceptance, social status, personal fulfillment and financial success. So, what went wrong along the way? Maybe nothing –or maybe everything.

Herein lies Fundamental Proposition Number One:

You Must Trust Yourself

Most of us have grown-up using a rulebook filled with false ideas. Now, that’s a very strong statement, but I’ve tempered it by using the words, “false ideas” instead of ‘lies’. You see, false ideas eventually become lies when they are presented to you as truth. This is happening every minute of every hour of every day. In fact, you are being bombarded with false ideas all the time. There are so many false ideas floating around, that you may not be able to distinguish the true from the false any longer.

Please understand, it’s not your fault that you bought-into the ‘false-idea’ program - almost everyone does. You’ve been surrounded by false ideas – non-stop – everyday of your life. In fact, if you didn’t need to sleep, the bombardment would continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Needless to say, there were some false ideas presented to you in the original rulebook given to you in childhood. However, at this stage in your life, do really want to debate the merits of this old rulebook? Probably not. Neither did Scrooge, but he was forced to, and his life was completely transformed. Unfortunately, you don’t have three guardian angels to lead you through the process in one night, but you can evaluate your past, present and future by evaluating where you are in life and who you’ve become. In fact, “you’re where are, because of who you are”.

Right around our birthdays, most people like to review the events of the prior year and set new goals for themselves. But, if you’re living by the universal truths of The Ancient Wisdom Tradition, everyday is your spiritual birthday, as you continue to purify yourself on a daily basis. You can start this process by dissecting the original rulebook that formed the foundations of your belief system. Once you’ve taken a good hard look at the inner core of “who you’ve become”, the only remaining question will be: can you continue to play by the rules from the original rulebook of childhood?

If you believe that your life could be better, then the time has come for a new rulebook filled with true ideas. Fortunately, you already possess all the true ideas you’ll ever need. In fact, no one can teach them to you because they’re buried deep down inside of you.

Obviously, someone cannot give you what you already have. But, every once in a while – we all need a reminder. Ancient Esoteric Philosophy is that body of knowledge that serves as a reminder that all universal truth comes from within. This wisdom was given to you when you received the gift of life. So, now it’s time to wipe off the dust, open the magic box and let the wisdom of your Soul flow through you naturally. Believe me, my friends; it’s never too late.

About The Author
Robert Waxman is a writer, speaker and educator on the subjects of Esoteric Philosophy and Universal Truth. He frequently speaks about the writings of Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Manly Hall, H.P. Blavasky and Plato. Many original articles by Robert Waxman are available at

Robert is a popular guest speaker at presentations, lectures, classes and seminars, and specializes in explaining the comparative teachings of, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Sufism, Zen, Mahayana Buddhism and Vedanta.

Robert Waxman is the author of, Kabbalah Simply Stated and The Power Of A.W.E. (Ancient Wisdom Everlasting). Further information about Kabbalah Simply Stated can be found on his website at and excerpts from The Power Of A.W.E. can be found at

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