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Nature Never Duplicates a Path: Your Spiritual Independence is Important and Unique

Seven Key Motives for Learning Spiritual Counseling

Cave-Free Spirituality

Spiritual Depth Perception

Spirituality: The Bottom Line

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“Nature Never Duplicates a Path”: Your Spiritual Independence is Important and Unique
Why is spiritual independence important? Because it allows you to make the higher discoveries of your heart through your own perceptions on your spiritual journey. This means you must find your own way, which ultimately will be unique to you. Those who are independent have no wish for conformity; their spirituality is unique to each of them.

Seven Key Motives for Learning Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual Counseling offers the possibility to assist people to connect with the vast realms of spirit and make miracles happen in their daily lives. This approach transcends the concepts of a single religion into the deeper wisdom teachings that unite all of humanity’s major religious and philosophical traditions.

Cave-Free Spirituality
Silly beliefs sometimes steer people away from the pursuit of spiritual development and higher awareness. While some spiritual seekers eschew the modern world and withdraw into solitude, there’s no reason you must share this type of lifestyle if you choose to pursue higher awareness. How spiritually advanced are you if you can only experience bliss in complete isolation? Allow yourself to gain spiritual lessons both from your inner world and your outer world.

Cave-Free Spirituality
Stereo vision is one of our more fascinating human abilities. Spiritually we also have access to a rich set of inputs. Just as your physical senses act as lenses through which you perceive different subsets of reality, your spiritual senses also act as cognitive filtering mechanisms. Learn about your spiritual sensory equipment and how to train your spiritual senses for better perception and awareness of reality.

Spirituality: The Bottom Line
Seriously. With absolute certainty, what do you know? Put aside all opinions, beliefs and theories for a moment and address this one straight question: What do you know for sure? In other words, let's cut the crap and figure out what's real. The cogito does exactly that, and it's very simple. The cogito is the line between fantasy and reality.

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Home » Spirituality » Spirituality Articles