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sun rise over ocean Unique websites on spirituality, consciousness, and enlightenment for the mind body and soul. Includes unusual meditation videos and spiritual lectures on interesting subjects from eastern to western spirituality and mysticism. happy smiley face

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Living in the Truth of the Present Moment
A practical and humorous, but still down-to-earth guide for applying the Principles of Truth in your daily life.

On the Origins of the Fear of Death and Dying In the Writings of Michael A. Persinger and Others
The fear of death and dying, indeed, does diminish in one who has had the God Experience, but it also is reduced in those who have had other "spiritual" experiences.

Society: Religion and Spirituality:
A directory of links of topics on religions and spirituality, such as metaphysics, ascension, earth changes, gnosticism, channeling, shamanism, meditation, prophecies and more.

Teamwork in Spirituality: United Through The Same Goals.
Life is a game in which we do not always understand the rules. It asks you to be brave, daring and creative; to develop a self constructed warrior Spirit.

The 12 Keys of Spiritual Activism [video]
Spiritual Activism is about reconnecting the concepts of personal spiritual growth and societal action moving one's mindset from one of "me" to one of "us" and towards a goal of selfless service to others.

Spiritual Awakening - Get Ready For Earth Changes [video]
The spiritual awakening begins with some kind of uneasiness, a generalized and widespread premonition that we are in the final times of a cycle.
The official home page of author spiritual author and therapist James Redfield, well known for his inspirational book on the emerging conscious of humanity "The Celestine Prophecy".

Coincidences, Synchronicity and Destiny
Is our life pre-planned? Is there such a thing as destiny? Do we have free will? These questions are explored by Paula Maher in an article that gets the opinions of clairvoyants, astrologers, psychologists and skeptics.

Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening
A list of common physical, mental, and emotional signs and symptons of one's personal spiritual transformation or ascension to higher consciousness or vibration.

The 7 Spiritual Laws by Liora These 7 spiritual Laws show you the nature of the divine love energy of creation and how to align with that source and create freedom, bliss and joy

Spiritual Awareness [video]
When the experience of spiritual illumination reduces itself into the corridors of expression, its narrowness defines the parameters of its inaccuracy.

Destiny vs. Free Will - Erin Pavlina
Is every event of our lives predetermined? Is our entire course laid out for us and no matter what we do or how we try to avoid it, our lives will unfold in some predetermined way?

The Difference Between New-Age Spirituality & Authentic Spirituality
Three paragraphs that define and explain the differences between a spirituality that is 'new agey' vs one that is 'non new agey' plus some enlightening quotes.

Intuition How to Access, Recognize, & Trust It
Knowing how to use intuition is particularly important to the unique demands of being single and useful when we’re trying to make a decision on starting or ending a committed love relationship.

Spirit Library
A wonderful abundance spiritually empowering messages, articles, videos and channelings available on the internet to inspire your thoughts to guide you to a more conscious creation of your life. - Transmitting the Wisdoms of the Ages
Various spiritual insights and quotations and the faith vs reason debate and truly extraordinary wisdoms. A selection of "Central Spiritual Insights" gleaned from Christian sources.

Seasoned Spirituality
Seasoned by experience, believe, behave, become, commitment, transformatin and witness. A spiritual site with spiritual exercises for contemplatives by Jesuit Fr Rodney Kissinger, S.J.

The Universal Life Church
The Universal Life Church believes that all faiths are best served by the freedom and choice to become ordained minister online, and the right to worship your God without intolerance or antiquated religious dogma.

What Makes Life Meaningful?
This post is a brief look at what creates meaning in our lives. And a list of a few of the containers in which the gift of meaning is to be found.

The Way to Peace Profound
It was common practice in the days of Christ for the people of the Middle East to greet each other in Aramaic with the words “Shlomo Amokh,” meaning “Peace be with you”.

7 Signs You're An Empath
Tthe term Empath is not simply another name for a Clairsentient, though many Clairsentients are indeed Empaths. This article discuses what an Empath is and how to tell if you have this ability.

Aathyam Sivan Sundaram
Baba says, "Do not consider society a trap or a trick or a tantalizing contraption. Premayoga, Path of Love insists upon service to fellow-beings as the best Sadhana."

Pain Is The Megaphone With Which God Speaks To The Deaf
Pain is a warning or alarm signal that some organ of the body that sends to the brain by means of the nervous system. It demonstrates clearly the perfection of this wonderful machine that is the human body.

Namaste [video]
May we all be One, One family, One. This beautiful videos with inspirational images contains the words of an ancient sanskrit blessing. By the humanity healing network.

Hooponopono [video]
This is a beautiful song by Aman Ryuseke Seto with beautiful visual images. The Hooponopono prayer: I'm sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, and I love you.

Scientist Had A Near Death-like Experience [video]
One morning Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor realized she was having a massive stroke and studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another.

Religious vs. Spiritual: Semantics or Neurotics?
The word "spirituality" (and/or "spiritual") seems to piss off just about everyone. Why? This interesting and slightly humorous article talks about the relative understanding of the word spirituality.

Mastering Time as a Spiritual Practice
Time is clearly a subjective, psychological experience. I’ve learned a great deal about myself spiritually by studying my relationship to time as a spiritual practice and using it more consciously.

Spiritual Alchemy
Interpeting representative texts and images. A slightly revised and augmented version of what appeared in Gnosis and Hermeticism from Antiquity to Modern Times.

Spiritual Science Bible Studies
This site aims to help us gain a renewed and deeper understanding of the Bible and the mysteries of Scripture and is not affiliated with any religious group.

The Silence of The Mind - Ilie Cioara
Be still, stop, be attentive – a total attention!Neither past nor future, be with the present moment;Between you and what you listen to, let thoughts, imagesdisappear,

100 Ways To Become More Conscious: How To Raise Your Consciousness
From connecting to nature to finding your higher purpose in life, here are one hundred enligtening tips and ideas on how to become spiritually aware and self empowered.

Mentor Series - The Human Mind + Universal Partnering
Join Angela Alexandra, as she talks shares her insights, and offers us a facinating look into our thought patterns, perceptions, the Law of Attraction and what makes us tick.

Empath Connection
Resources & coping skills for empaths and highly sensitive people. Those who are on a spiritually awakened path will find helpful and enlightening information here.

Symptoms Created by Dimensional Spiritual Experiences
People often speak about symptoms of spiritual awakening. This Channel Higher Self video interview discusses spiritual awakening symptoms, helping you to understand them if they arise within your life.

Why the Age of the Guru is Over
For a few decades now, it seems, humanity has been on the verge of a breakthrough in collective consciousness. Perhaps it was the Hippies in the 60s who saw it first.

The Mystery of the Essenes [video]
Discover the spirituality, practices, and writings of this esoteric community which resurfaced in history just before the appearance of the Messiah.

Wisdom of the Ages
When we seek the reason for out being, we will do well to try to find the answer within ourselves. Unique spiritual content by The Denver Spiritual Community and Philosophical Publishing Company.

Unity Consciousness, Part One [video]
Know Who You Are through time & space. Part Two   Part Three   Part Three   Part Four

A New Dream [video]
Contemplating Loving-kindness. Throw away everything you have learned your entire life. This is the beginning of a new understanding. A new dream.

The Primal SELF - Part One
The Evolution of Diee. The primal self beyond time & space; the universe of duality, and the emergence of the human soul. Part Two   Part Three   Part Four

L/L Research
L/L Research is dedicated to discovering and sharing information for the spiritual advancement of all humankind. L/L Research produced—and is the home of—the “Law of One” material.

Psychic Experiences
A source for sharing real psychic experiences with others and learning more about psychic abilities. Includes psychic tests and tools, articles, video and media.

Synchronicity: Unexpected Miracles in Our Lives
Synchronicity is the phenomenon of meaningful coincidence. It is a resemblance, correspondence, or connection between something going on outside us and something happening inside us.

Hermeticism vs. Indigenous Spirituality
Article from the Arcane Archive site, which is a cache of usenet and other text files pertaining to occult, mystical, and spiritual subjects.

Multidimensional Man - an experience of enlightenment [video]
The author talks about the cosmic consciousness event that triggered 35 years of out-of-body experiences, in which he arrived at a new understanding of our higher nature and our future life after death.

What's the difference between Love and FearR?
Satsang with Burt Harding. We all want love but, if we are honest, we are always unconsciously choosing fear instead. Why? This video will

Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence to remove all perceptions of obstacles in your life, and to energetically support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening. - Transmutation And Sublimation
Within the lovemaking with continence we encounter intense energetic processes: The transmutation of sexual potential in energy and The sublimation of sexual energy in more subtle forms of energy.

Listen to Sally’s caring supportive wisdom for your journey of awakening!
By Sally Page of Word Awakening Vibrations
Internet radio interviews by Sally Page of 'Word Awakening Vibrations'. Topics include spirituality, the heart, the awaneing of human consciousness and sacred healing.

Connecting with Nature – The Power of Trees
The Tree of Life appears in cultures worldwide, while individual trees have been considered sacred. She remarks that, “The words ‘tree’ and ‘truth’ share the original Old English word root, treow.”


The Chakras - The Seven Gateways of the Life Force.
The Life Force manifests itself by the effort of ITS will through the seven vortices of the Chakras, and engenders Mind, Life, and Vitality to the human body.

Chakras: The Anatomy of the Soul And The Chakras
Everyone has a skeleton with the exact same number of bones. In the same way, we all share the same luminous anatomy, which includes the chakras and the acupuncture meridians.

Kundalini Energy And Your Chakras
Psychics believe that people get most of their physical, emotional, and mental energies from invisible rays which come down into our bodies through very tiny openings in the top of our heads.
Dozens of enlightening and informative articles on the seven primary energy centers (chakras) within the body, and activating, healing and balancing them.

Root Chakra - Crystal Bowl Healing Sounds [video]
A series of short videos for the chakra's using crystal singing bowls and light. Sacral Chakra   Solar Plexus Chakra   Heart Chakra   Throat Chakra   Third Eye Chakra   Crown Chakra

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks and Related Chakras
This article will look at the various symptoms that come with an anxiety attack, and also explains which parts of the aura are affected when you are having an anxiety attack.

Chakras: 7 Minute Tune Up
A profoundly powerful chakra balancing meditation in only 7 minutes. Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman has created this new sound experience to enhance everyone's busy life.


Discerning Intuition from Ego
Intuition is the voice within us that instantly knows what is right for us. Learning to recognize your intuitive voice, the voice that is wise and true and serves your well-being and development.


Chakra Meditations - Root Chakra
Short videos exploring each of the chakras for meditation. Sacral Chakra  Solar Plexus Chakra  Heart Chakra  Throat Chakra  Third Eye Chakra  Crown Chakra

Lotus Heart Meditation
A beautiful meditation journey with stunning visuals and inspirational words of wisdom. The music playing is by Karunesh and is called Silent Heart.

Flame of Hope - A Meditation
You have within you as a sacred part of your soul-essence a flame of hope. Founded in the truth that your soul carries, it cannot be extinguished, even by life's challenges.

Tibetan Buddhist Monks - Meditation and Science
A Buddhist monk of Tibet who some how mummiyfied himself through meditation and whos body has somehow been miraculously preserved without any external interferment.

Unified Field Meditation
By the Humanity Healing Network. This video is part of a series of meditations which are being used as part of the Gulf Phoenix Rising Project.

Meditation & Ethics - Part One [video]
Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen - Guru and the Pandit, Live in Denver. Discusses subjects such as consciousness and enlightenment. Meditation & Ethics - Part Two

Spirit Space; A Journey Into Our Consciousness- Trailer [video]
"What the Bleep do we know?" meets up with Life after Death. In this controversial yet inspiring film we investigate the big question we all face at one point or another: What happens after we die?

Edge of The Milky way HD
An extraordinary time lapse video of the milky way galaxy. Incredible high definition images with music to go along with this incredible journey through the stars.

The Majestic Beauty of the Cosmos
Each of these sights of the far away corners of the cosmos was captured thanks to the lenses of the Hubble telescope conquering these amazing distances.

Intense Chakra Balancing Meditation
Chakra balancing meditation Music will balance all the chakras, However this is just a short 8 minutes clip. This meditation is more effective with stereo headphones and at a low volume.

Conscious Dreaming
Tibetan overtones and undulating drones sound behind a curtain of rain. This meditation you will achieve deep relaxation, syncopate your brain hemispheres, and activate super-conscious mind.

Crystal Bowl Meditation - 1. Expand
Beautiful music with crystal bowl sounds in the background for deep meditation and relaxation.

 Mind, Body and Spirit

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How to Manifest Your Twin Flame/Soul Mate

Brian Weiss - Same Soul, Many Bodies 1/12 [video]
An intruiging video in twelve parts. This interview with Brian Weiss is about the human soul, reincarnation and soulmate relationships.

Twin Flames Poem
A beautiful poem about the Twin Soulmate relationship. There are several types of Soulmates, friendships, family, children even pets and we do have more than one.

Bi-sexuality and Homosexuality – The Soul Has No Gender
Every soul has both male and female energies in varying percentages, and each soul can relate energetically to any other. The soul, in this sense, is bisexual–it can take either side in a creative act.

Soul Love and the Relationship of Souls
Love between souls can exist in a depth and breadth that is often unimaginable. This is possible for all who seek to live from their higher selves. The beauty and depth of love is part of the soul itself.

 Spiritual Healing

Healing the body
Everyone wants a healthy body. How could anyone argue with that? And out there is a supermarket of choices to achieve a healthy body. But are the alternatives really alternative?

Energy Healing: Looking in All the Wrong Places By
How is it possible to get relief from swelling, pain, nausea, headaches, anxiety, and an assortment of other ailments without the use of medicine or surgery?

The Pain Body - Part one [video]
A video lecture on eastern spirituality with Eckhart Tolle. This videos dicusess the pain body that each of us have and how to release emotional suffering on an energy level.

Practice of Brahmacharya
By Sri Swami Sivananda. Discusses the phenomenon of sex, stimulation, sexual sublimation, health yoga, the glory of brachmacharya and more.

Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study
After decades of often disputed validity, the effectiveness of Reiki, a holistic energy treatment is gaining new respect within the medical community.

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