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The 18 Characteristics Of Happy People

yellow happy smiley face In order to be happy, we should make happiness our ultimate goal. If attitude is truly everything, then being happy is definitely a choice. Although most people would argue against that, I could still declare that being glad and staying glad is my choice. If the truth be told, “If it was that easy everybody will do it.

Everybody will jump straight out of bed and enthusiastically scream, “Good morning, Oh God,” instead of what most would scream like, “My God, it is morning.” The art of being happy involves dedication, concentration and constant injection of inspiration. Undoubtedly, negative people around the world yielded plenty. Not only people but there are also lots of things and places that drain our energy that may diminish our happiness.

I have been doing some research lately on joyful and cheerful people and listed below in no particular order, the characteristics of happy people.

1.) Happy people have also happy friends.

2.) They know how to stand their ground and speak for themselves when they feel or think they are not treated properly.

3.) They live with integrity; they're honest and sincere with others and with themselves and they live their values.

4.) They often listen to music.

5.) They really are thankful for what they have. They recognize their blessings that come their way and constantly show appreciation and gratitude.

6.) They receive and likewise share lots of love, compassion and affection.

7.) Mostly happy people sleep better.

8.) They eat well and also focus on feeding their body with high quality food.

9.) They're patient with people and things around them.

10.) They're excited—they always have something to look forward to everyday and welcome the new and exciting adventures that life has in store for them.

11.) They simply want the best not just for them but also for people around them.

12.) They have a regular exercise or workout regimen.

13.) They are naturally optimistic--they try to practice the fine art of altering negative circumstance to put a positive twist in them.

14.) They know how to live their passion.

They know their purpose on this earth and at this time they know their true calling.

15.) They readily forgive themselves and do not severely beat up on themselves for unavoidable mistakes.

16.) They consistently try to learn new things and are open to fresh and new ideas.

17.) They fully understand the significance of self care and well being and make sure that they constantly work toward strengthening their mental health and fitness.

18.) They understand the power of praying because they are spiritual. They believe that through constant prayer, all things are possible and attainable. How about you—why don't you take this happy quiz now and find out if you're happy. Try putting a check mark next to the characteristics that describe your personality.

Pay attention to the areas you didn’t check. Then ask yourself seriously, “Now, what am I going to do about that?” Again the art of being happy takes action, focus and the perception of optimism.

About The Author
The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Let Amy help you find Happiness in Your Work Place. Click here to learn how to become a Happy Worker.

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