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 Unique New Age Websites

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Directory Links

New Age Magazines
A Whole Again Resource Guide with many new age links for self discovery, meditation, gnosis, well being and more, plus new age related audio links.

New Age Dictionary
A dictionary of new age, spiritual and mystical related terms and words from A to Z.

Escape The Illusion
Information on conspiracies and cover-ups, alternative Living, 2012, Galactic and cosmic information, science & Physics, spirituality and the soul and much more.

One four four Voice of the Monad
The track voice of this video was made in using a cymascope. Sound is vibration and this is a snapshot of the vibration of 144 voices in a choral formation in alignment and harmony.

Way of The Wild Rose
An oasis of empowerment and spiritual growth. A webssite dedicated to Shiva consciousness, Shamanism, Magick, Yoga, and Goddess Spirituality.
SkyFM - New Age Music
Listen to live streaming beautiful New Age music. The perfect sound companion for relaxing, meditating, or helping you focus on work.

Breatharianism Living on Light
This page contains lots of information and resources on the practice of being nourished by light with no need for food or drink, and information on Breatharian Jasmuheen.

The New Age Village
New Age Village Wiki Project invites you to help create the largest source of new age material online. Contains encylopedic entries and full-length articles on many new age and spiritual topics.

2012 Unlimited
2012 Unlimited, Mayan Calendar, Dreamspell, Zero Point, Time acceleration, Elite, reptilians, DNA upgrades, spiritual insights, health information and much more.

Krystal Collective
Kryst Collective offers uncommon perspectives that dare old ideas to evolve. Through the vast body of knowledge known as the Freedom Teachings®,

Magazines and E-zines
A directory of Online Newsletters, Magazine, and Publication Websites which are all touching upon New Age spirituality.

The Awakening For Enlightening Minds
The awakening within, for those that want to know more. Site includes info on astral travel, reincarnation, akashic records, lightworking, holistic healing and much more.

The Great Illusion
You have been invited here to experience another reality. The reality of thoughts, words and surreal images that are hidden from you within your own mind.

New Age Web Directory
This New Age Web Directory is a human-edited, directory of web sites with products, services and information for Body, Mind & Soul.


The Search for the 11:11 Angels
So you see 1111, 111, 11:11, 12:12, or 4:44 all over the place? Well, you are not alone anymore. This site also includes and 11:11 message board.

The Nvisible - Solara and 11:11
The invisible is the merging point of earth & star. A window into the greater reality wherein the i n visible is made visible. Oneness is the key to disolve duality.

Dimension 11:11
Articles and information about the mysterious 11:11 phenomenon, share your own 11:11 experiences, learn about the mayan calendar and other new age topics.


The Mayan 9th Wave Cliff Notes - The Nature Of Reality
This video series is an attempt to help those who are just now waking up to see what all this is about, and information about the maya 9th wave calendar.

The Maya Of Eternal Time - Part One
Drunvalo Melchizedek speaks about the mayan calendar, the 2012 prophecy, and the current shift of consciousness that is occuring on the planet. Part Two

The 2012 Enigma
2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year? David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time and the Mayan Calendar.

 Angels/Light Beings

Nothing to see here for now : ( - Check back soon! : )

 Ascended Masters

The Great White Lodge
The Great White Lodge has existed since the beginning of time and knowledge of it was lost to the masses of Earth during the Dark Ages and is only now slowly coming back into mass consciousnes.


Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth
The following trilogy of 'New Earth' Books 1-3 and many related books are available to read or download here. A comprehensive resource of information, explanation, and encouragement for Ascension.

[paranormal_stuff] Ascension Techniques
This is the extract from Joshua David Stone's Book - The Complete Ascension Manual Accelerating Your Path and Building Your Light Quotient

Planetary Ascension - The Renewal of the Earth [video]
An inspiring message from the higher dimensions of light concerning the planetary shift conveying hope for the future, and the profound and sacred importance of each human being on the Earth. today

Signs of Your Awakening [video]
Signs you may be experiencing at this time of awakening and ascension. Listen to Your body and Your innerself for guidance during this period.

 Communities/Social Networks

The GoldRing Game of Enlightenment
Today is the Start of a New Game It is designed to Change the World Creators, artists, musicians, designers are asked to Join.

Plantary Activation Organization
Peace and Inner Strength Through Unity. Planetary activation groups and galactic federation information.

Ashtar Command Crew
A spiritual community network with videos, groups, blogs and events as part of the awakening movement. Plus daily alternative media and news.

Gaia Souls - Connecting Awakening Humanity
A spiritual/New Age social network and community. The site contains newage/spiritual videos, blogs, chat, groups, forums and events.

 DNA Changes

DNA and Cellular Changes
Lots of Links and articles on Dna and Cellular changes, and evolution of consciousness, plus many other new age topics.

DNA/Heart Connection [video]
Your DNA have an integral connection within a coherent wavelength. You are the creator of that frequency. Your very life depends upon it.

Quantum Pranx DNA Can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies
DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used.

Part 3: The Link Between Emotions and DNA - The Mechanics of Ascension
The patterns of emotion directly and physically linked to human genome. Emotions have a direct effect on your DNA structure and therefore your health.


The Amazing Power Of Crystal Grids
Crystal grids are made by the placement of stones in a geometricpattern for the specific purpose of directing energy creating a particular energy field.

 Dimensions/Planes of Consciousness

Maya 2012 Dimensions of Consciousness
Dimensions" are a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to its frequency.

A wonderful site for Tarot and Astrology. There are also sections on I-Ching, Rune, Biorythms, Psychics and Numerology.

 Earth Changes

New Earth - Ten Signs that You Are Moving to New Earth
There are currently two collective realities and more people are finding themselves breaking out of the old paradigm and looking for something else.

Spiritual Awakening - Get ready for Earth changes [video]
The spiritual awakening begins with some kind of uneasiness, a generalized and widespread premonition that we are in the final times of a cycle.


A feature documentary exploring the mystery of crop circles, and the archetypical symbols of the circles based on sacred geometry, the link to the human psyche and ascension.


The Seven Chakras and How to Clear Them for Optimum Health and Happiness
The seven chakras are derived from Sanskrit and mean "wheels or disks of energy." When these energy centers are blocked or closed, spiritual and physical ailments can result.

Eleven (11) Tips That Will Help You To Raise Your Vibration [video]
It is very important that those of us who wish to improve our spiritual awareness, learn to raise our vibrations and keep them there.

3B - Implant and Entity Clearing
What is Disease? Dis-Ease uneasiness. Diseases first manifests into our sheaths and astral body and only after a while it is felt in our physical body.

The Pain Body [video]
Learn to recognize your pain body to release unnecessary pain. Video excerpt is derived from Eckhar Tolle's 'the Power of Now'.

Tree Hugging Proven To Improve Health Issues
Tree hugging, that much maligned hippy generation idea, has now been shown to have validity after all. Contrary to popular belief, touching a tree does make you healthier.

Theory and Basic Principles of Polarity Therapy
Energy in the body is a manifestation of the cyclic journey of spirit: from its cosmic unified source, into the duality of the physical realm, and back to its source.

 Indigo/Crystal Children


Indigos, 5th Root Race, China's Super Psychics and Star Children
A new race of human beings has emerged. They are the part of the next wave of the bringers of light, to assist humanity with the awakening of terrestrial consciousness.

Namaste Cafe - Indigo Children
Lots of great links on indigo and star childre and indigo adults, indigo children articles and an indigo children cafe.

The Indigo Children Website
his website is meant to complement the books The Indigo Children, An Indigo Celebration, and The Indigo Children Ten Years Later.

The Light Body
This article from August 2004 talks of the light body in the context of the ascension temples and it speaks of the possibility of 'foreign' DNA that could be added to the etheric body.

William Henry - the Light Body
An interview with mythological investigator William Henry who describes the lightbody and the transformation to a higher vibration of consciousness.

Kirlian Camera: Can It See Auras?
Some people, including Kirlian, have claimed that the energy field found in pictures of the finger tips of humans, taken using a Kirlian camera, can be compared to the aura surrounding humans.

Light Body Development and DNA - Part 1
Each plane of existence has a body that is connected to it. One of the super keys to accelerating evolution is to anchor, activate and actualize these bodies into your existing four-body system.

 Love & Light

David Icke - Infinite Love is the Only Truth [video]
There are only two emotions we as humans feel, they are fear and love. All other emotions are derived from these two. All is unversal consciousness and Love.

The Time of Love
Energy field. Matrix. Veil. Grid. Collective consciousness. These are some of the names used to describe the energy that connects us all as one living thing.

Unconditional Love - a Message from the Pleiadian Council of Light [video]
A beautiful and inspirational channelled message by Xaya and the Pleiadian Council of Light. Sent to us with love through Elaraia Angelstar.

The Living Light [video]
A beautiful video with inspirational words for meditation and reflection, accompanied by beautiful images for stress relief.

A love letter to You from the Universe [video]
You are so amazing? Did you know that? You. You are incredible. Everything you say, everything you do. The things you think of are amazing.
Lightworker's - A Spiritual Social Networking organisation dedicated to - World Ascension - World peace - Heaven on Earth - Meditations - Healing - Connecting - Sharing - Caring

A Presence of Love [video]
From the rays of the sun that nurture and sustain life on our precious planet, to extending a helping hand to another in need, our existence is found within this unifying principle we know in our heart as love.

The Lightworker's Manifesto [video]
When we invoke the Light of God by using the words" I AM" the Light automatically responds. It flows through our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings and obeys our affirmations.



The Internal Stargate
A Zeitgeist for the coming new awareness for the oneness of all things starting with geometry and spirituality, plus 18 stunning in-depth graphics.

 Products & Services

Open A New Age Shop
Become a new age store owner. Guidance on how to open a Metaphysical store and start your own new age business.

Unique wholesale gifts & collectibles. Wholesale "New Age-Metaphysical" Crystal, Minerals, Healing Stones & Gemstone Supplier

 Quantum Reality

 Sacred Geometry/Fractals

Sacred Geometry - Brining the power of sacred geometry home
Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself.

 Sacred Sites

The Temples of Humankind
Hidden in the heart of a mountain in northern Italy is a magical construction of a catheral that has been calledthe 'eighth wonder of the world'.

 Self Empowerment

Transpersonal Self Help tools and techniques
The interwoven transpersonal webs of anunda and lifestreams. Site also offers free exercises, tools and Transpersonal techniques.

Psi Tek - Free Mind Power Books
These books will show you how to use the power of your mind to get anything you want in life. These ebooks are all completely free to download.

The Nine Insights by James Redfield
Feeling restless? You're not alone: Everybody's starting to look for more meaning in life. Start paying closer attention to those seemingly "Chance Coincidences" - strange occurrences that feel like they were meant to happen.


Starseeds, Walk-ins and Lightworkers
Not everyone on earth is from earth. There are those who are here from other planets and civilizations in this and other universes. See also: The Niburian Council

What Star System Are You From?
Characteristics and purposes of each starseed group; the sirians, the vegans, the pleiadians, the orions, the arcturians, the appolians and the andromedans, plus meditations and calling on ET's.

 Synchronicity & Time Cycles

Coincidences, Connections, and Synchronicities
The experience of two or more events which are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. In order to be synchronous, the events should be unlikely to occur together by random chance

Foundation for the Law of Time - noosphere
The Law of Time official website. This site is the foundation for the Law of Time and 13 Moon Calendar. Info on timeship earth 2013, Noosphere II, Cosmic history and more by Jose Arguelles.

The Meditation Toolbox
In this section, you can explore in detail the foundations of the Synchronicity Experience and gain a thorough understanding of its mechanics of actualization.

Understanding Synchronicity
Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.


Twin Flame Relationships
Twin Flames have also been referred to as original light, energy doubles, twin rays, twin hearts, divine complements, and twin souls.

A personal story about Synchronicity, Soulmates and Twin-Flames A Life in the Making
The concept of Twin-Flames and Soul-Mates has been around for aeons. The interpretations about what they are differ greatly depending on who you listen to and why you are searching.

Sacred Relationships - Part I - Loving Others
Sacred relationships are based on seeing others as souls and loving others as souls. They exist beyond need and enable one to be a 'friend of the soul' of another and a beloved

6 Soul-Level Reasons We Are So Attracted To Some People
Do you know the feeling of meeting someone for the first time yet feeling like you have already known them for ten years? Here are some of the reasons why.

 Universal Laws/Principles

The 12 Laws of Karma [video]
A beautiful video that explains the twelve universal Laws of Karma which is the law of cause and effect; what you sow you shall reap.

The Law of Attraction - misunderstood & misinterpreted
Some feel that the Law of Attraction is being taught in a way that is not ultimately Loving. This article clears up some of the misinterpretations of the law of attraction.

The Seven Hermetic Principles of Creation and The Kybalion
The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.

The 7 Spiritual Laws by Liora
These 7 spiritual Laws show you the nature of the divine love energy of creation and how to align with that source and create freedom, bliss and joy

The 11 Forgotten Laws
Bob Proctor from “The Secret”- believes that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the 11 Forgotten Laws that will finally uncover the Law’s true potential.

The Hermetic Principles
Could it Be that simple? Everything understood by these seven principles? The seven Hermetic Principles are not known by many and even understood by fewer.

The Laws Of The Universe [video]
Connecting with the universe and creating awareness - The First Steps To Creating Awareness is Educate and Share Knowledge.


ONE Divine Consciousness [video]
We are all magnificent, powerful and Divine Co-creators of the Great ONE. LOVE is the omnipresent force of the universe, it unifies energy and consciousness.

The Theory of One
The concept of wholeness, unity, oneness has been discouraged on this planet - people are already programmed and educated to overlook it.

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