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The official time server of the Moon. Find out the current Lunar Time.

Flower Blooming Rose [video]
Blooming rose timelapse with sweet background music. Video thanks to NaturalHealingScents's
Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires. The official website of Smokey the Bear. Take the pledge and show your commitment to Wildfire Prevention


Connecting with Nature – The Power of Trees
Because trees are larger and older than we can ever hope to be; because they provide shade, food, medicines, furniture, wood for musical instruments, fuel, paper, shelter, recreation and space to commune with nature

Nevada shoe tree
Whoever began this must've had some extra shoes and just tossed them into the tree branches. Over the years, people travelling through the area have made their donation to the tree with pairs of unwanted shoes that happened to be in their RV's and trucks.

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Home » Nature and Outdoors » More Nature & Outdoors Links