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What Is God?

rainbow in cloudy sky It is through my own experiences, guidance from all kinds of beings (physical and non-physical), and the theories from metaphysics/spirituality/religion about God that I am able to answer the "unanswerable" question, what is God? The information that comes from metaphysics (which is the philosophical study of being and knowing) does not go against any ancient wisdom or major religions. Instead it is able to compliment them.

There are three key aspects pertaining to God that have been passed down in all sacred texts and major religions in some form, although they may have become distorted over time:

1. God is One

2. God is Everywhere and Everything

3. You are a part of God (or you have a soul)

By combining these three aspects and relating metaphysics with my own experiences, I would like to provide you with a comprehensive view of God possible (in words).

But before I begin, I want to let you know that in no way am I forcing my concept of God on you. Instead I would like to simply provide you with an alternative view of God; that perhaps you may have never considered. It is my hope that you will explore on these ideas to see if they resonate with you. If they do not, please don't force yourself to hold them, instead let them go, maybe you will come back to them and maybe you won't. Only do what is right for you. I can not tell you what will work for you; I can only tell you what has worked for me. And in explaining how I have come to understand God, I sincerely hope you find what is right for you!

Okay, here we go...

There are many names for God including, but not limited to, Higher Self, All-That-Is, One, etc… Personally, I normally don't use the word "God", but I will for this article. The terminology is never important, no matter what word you use; it will not live up to the concept of God. Every word, no matter how empowering has limits, even though God is limitless. Therefore, do not worry about the word, instead think about the idea.

What Is God’s Role?

Firstly, we must have a common understanding of God’s role, before we can begin to elaborate upon the concept of God. God is the ultimate creator and complete control over our realities. God creates the entire Earth and all physical life. God is an infinite being.

What Is God Made Of?

In relating metaphysics to God, understanding what God is comprised is critical. Both science and metaphysics/spirituality have come to the same conclusion about what God is made of. If you ask a metaphysician, “what is God?” they will answer, God is everywhere and everything, God is moving through form, into form, and out of form.

cosmic crab nebula If you ask a quantum physicist, “what is everything made of?” They will respond, "energy". If you ask them, “what is energy?” they will reply energy is everywhere and everything, and that it is moving through form, into form and out of form. So it is all the same thing, just a difference in terminology. The conclusion we come to is that God is energy.

God is also consciousness (consciousness is basically awareness). This brings us to the proceeding point:

How are You a Part of God?

You are a spark of consciousness, a spiritual being that is having a physical experience, which is part of God. Whether you like to call that part of God that you are, your Soul, Inner Self, True Self, etc… you must simply recognize its existence. Remember, the terminology does not matter; only the idea behind it matters.

This is what a fellow journeyer had to say:

“Choose again.

Pretend that you are enlightened.
Pretend that you are loved by God.
Pretend that you are perfect just the way you are.
Take a deep breath now and PRETEND WHAT IS TRUE.
Then everything will make sense.

When you pretend something that is true, then you immediately become that Truth. First the energy of God descends upon the Earth, then it pretends whatever it wants to be, then it ascends back to its source.
You are God pretending to be whatever you are right now. Do you understand what this means? You have allowed yourself to descend, but by pretending to be less than what you are, you have not ascended back to God."
-Thomas (Indigo Child)

If We Are All God, Then How Can God Be One?

The easy answer is that we are all interconnected, but that is not the whole truth…

It is very misleading to say that you are a part of God, because you are actually the Whole God. This is a timeless principle of metaphysics. You must grasp the idea that you are the God, you search for. At least for this article, open your mind, and try on this idea for 5 minutes. It will not hurt you. Explore the possibility that you are the Ultimate Creator.

stained glass mandala church window with jesus image But now, how can we all be One? Metaphysics states that God is All-That-Is. We are each All-That-Is focused in on part of the whole picture. There are really no divisions between us, it is all an illusion. It is as if you are one point of a painting. When you look around you see other parts of the painting, which you believe are separate from you. But if you could see the whole painting you would realize that you are all the same.

So basically, you are the awareness of All-That-Is completely focused in your physical body, and it is the same with everyone else. You see, we each experience our own body and don’t realize that we are all the same Being, just focused on different experiences (or physical bodies).

The other points of All-That-Is are non-physical and what you call your Higher Self. I do not like this word, because calling that part of yourself "higher" makes it seem better than you, and it also separates Yourself. You are both the same being, just focused on different aspects of reality. Your Higher Self is not higher than you, nor is your Higher Self lower. You are just on different vibrational levels; there is no better or worse.

So We Are God, But What About Everything Else? How Can God be Everything and Everywhere?

You/God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, but how? In every atom there is an energy field. This energy field contains a spark of consciousness (God), just as every cell in your body contains. Each cell has a part of God, as well as the whole God. This may seem confusing initially; however, once you explore it thoroughly you will be able to understand it.

Let me address this in another way; the house you live in, the car you drive, the computer you are looking at, the chair you are sitting in are all God. The Infinite Being focuses on everything, not just what we consider to be alive. Therefore, everything has energy and awareness (consciousness).

To end your confusion, you should realize that God did not create that chair you are sitting on, instead God became it. You may be wondering why God would do this, and the answer, in short, is to experience it. You are all about experiencing and expanding the limitless energy that is God. God is always growing and expanding because It is always having new experiences and producing more energy.

Final Thoughts

Much of this seems to get lost in translation, since it is something that you must experience in order to fully comprehend. Once you experience All-That-Is, everything in this article will make sense.

I even recommend you save this article and come back to it a year from now, after you have played around with these concepts. Then you will understand this much more.

If you would like to experience your True Being, and become All-That-Is there are many ways to do this. Personally, I achieved this through applying metaphysics with meditation and other metaphysical practices. I have heard of other people doing it through dreams, yoga, drugs (not recommended), walking in nature, and contemplative prayer. I am sure there are many more ways. But you do whatever feels good for you.

You do not have to worry about how you will do it. If you sincerely put out a conscious intent to experience All-That-Is, you will attract that experience towards you. All you have to do is ask, the answers are always there.

To summarize metaphysics and God:
God is One
God is everywhere and everything
You are a part of God
Not only are you a part of God, but you are the Whole God
You are an eternal, ever-expanding, infinite being

Eventually you will realize that you are God; however, only if you don’t want to (you absolutely do not have to). You are God; you can do whatever it is that you want. Nobody can stop you. You are an eternal, limitless being. The only limits you will ever experience are those you choose. The only external Gods you will experience are ones that you chose to believe in and give power to. It is always your choice, for you are All-That-Is.

About The Author
Jason Randhawa

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