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How To De-Clutter Your Home

messy cluttered living room Do we really need everything we have in our home? Chances are, we don't. Many of us wait until the spring, when we throw open the windows and use that energy to start tackling clutter which mysteriously grew over the long winter months. But spring cleaning shouldn't just be for spring.

Having a clean and organized home is not only practical but it also gives us a sense of calm at the end of our busy day. Whether you live alone or with family, keeping the clutter under control is your best bet when it comes to winning the war on "stuff". Here are a few simple ideas to help keep your home clutter free.

1. Always Have a Plan.

A good rule of thumb is to start small. Choose one room or space and start organizing that one area before moving on to the next. As you are cleaning, divide each item you are questioning into categories. Keep, donate, or recycle/throw away. If you are keeping the item, put it away where it belongs. If you are donating or recycling, then place the item accordingly and if its trash, toss it immediately.

Do it quickly and be ruthless. Give yourself a couple of minutes to think about each item then move on. Use a timer if it helps. Sticking to a timetable can help keep you motivated and on track and will ward off feeling overwhelmed.

If you have high value collectibles or antique items, you might want to try selling these on Craigslist, eBay or hold a garage sale. The extra cash may make help to keep you motivated.

2. Stay Focused.

As you begin to declutter, you may begin to dwell in the memories of each of the items you are questioning. Letting go is often difficult as guilt and a sense of wastefulness begins to weigh us down.

Somehow we buy into to idea that when we let things go, the memories are lost forever. That we are losing a piece of ourselves and our past. For many of us this is an unconscious fear, and instead we find excuses for keeping things. Eventually the situation becomes overwhelming and we stop unable to continue.

If you find this happening to you, then you may need some additional help in changing your pattern of thinking. You can learn how to let go and to shift your focus on giving to others that have a more immediate use for your items. Ask a family member or close friend to help if this is a struggle for you. Sometimes another perspective and a gentle reminder is all that's needed to get back on track.

There are many charities and non profit agencies that will gladly take your gently used items. Churches and shelters are always in need as are animal centers. Books and magazines can be donated to Senior centers, Doctor offices and libraries. Read the local paper and see where you can make a difference in not only your life, but in the lives of others.

Almost anything that we no longer have a need for can be put to good use in many ways when you think about it.

3. Make Notes

As you move from space to space make a shopping list of things you need to replace and items that will help to keep your clutter in check. New hangers for the closets, shoe racks and hooks. If its broken, toss it and add it to your list.

The idea is once you have gotten rid of the clutter, you then organize to make your life simpler. It's the little things you need to stay organized like file folders, trays and baskets that will make a difference. Invest and clear plastic bins for storage and a label maker. Label everything for a quick reference of what each container holds.

Keep like items together. All office related items like stamps, envelopes, tape etc can be held in a specific drawer. Sports item in the garage and Holiday items in a closet.

By keeping things together, it becomes routine to return what was used to its proper place.

4. Keep it Working

Now that the time and effort has paid off and you are organized and clutter free, you will need to be firm with yourself and everyone who brings something back into your home.

Is it really needed and will it be used? As you have replace an item, make sure you have donated or tossed its replacement. Take the time to go through your mail daily and recycle your junk mail and catalogs as you go.

A clutter-free home requires a small commitment of working at it daily and the discipline to keep at it. The comfort of a tidy home and the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference is well worth the effort.

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