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The New Medicine: Integrative, Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), - Medical Intuition & Distant Energy Healing: the Mind Body Connection

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The New Medicine: Integrative, Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), - Medical Intuition & Distant Energy Healing: the Mind Body Connection

The New Medicine: Integrative, Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), - Medical Intuition & Distant Energy Healing: the Mind Body Connection

In the Bravewell Collaborative's PBS special on the New Medicine Dana Reeves expressed that traditional medicine is now examining and addressing the entire mind body connection. One of the physicians interviewed stated "It is dumb" to not look at the entire person in order to determine the complete patient diagnosis.

PBS previews state:

"A burgeoning movement is taking place in hospitals and clinics across this country - integrating the best of high-tech medicine with a new attitude that recognizes that treating the patient as a whole person is essential to the healing process. As scientific findings reveal that the mind plays a critical role in the body's capacity to heal, the medical community is beginning to embrace a new range of treatment options, including many once considered fringe.

The National Institutes of Health has been funding rigorous scientific research to determine what alternative healing strategies are safe and effective so that there is solid evidence to broaden medical choices for patients. "Integrative medicine means being able to offer patients a full array of choices from conventional medicine, but to be able to add those complementary and alternative strategies where we have scientific evidence that they work and they're safe," says Dr. Margaret Chesney, Deputy Director of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a division of the NIH. "

Your body's energy system records and stores everything that has occurred since your physical being was born. Its energy blueprint provides a complete information source about what has and is occurring. Your energy divulges whether physical health issues were derived from an emotional connection or are an acquired physical manifestation from cellular deficiency or breakdown. Medical intuition is the science of tapping into this energy blueprint resource to locate the origin of your issues.

Although modern medicine uses MRI's, x-rays, PET, CAT, Trilogy, and MUGA scans to determine physical issues, most emotionally caused physical issues go undetected.

Medical intuitives can provide insight into direct links between the emotions lodged in your energy memory bank, and how those emotions created health issues. Louise Hayes, in her book "You Can Heal Your Life" actually lists disorders, and the common emotional patterns that create health issues.

Medical intuition can also provide insight to physical issues that will be entering the human body. Energy disorders present themselves in the exterior energy field or aura of our body before it enters into the physical body. New Medicine is trying to stop destructive exterior patterns such as thoughts, behaviors, etc. from creating unhealthy energy patterns that eventually create disease in our physical body. Thus the term "mind over matter" has great relevance in today's medical treatment. Additionally, once the physical body is combating unhealthy energy, using your mind to generate healthy energy frequencies helps facilitate healing.

Some medical intuitives are able to see your body's actual cellular and organ structures and systems like an MRI. Those medical intuitives can provide immediate information as to the location, extent and severity of physical disease and disorders, and even provide information about possible future health problems. This viewing ability is an asset in emergency room medicine. It reduces stress and saves time in critical care, intensive care, trauma injury and pediatric care. Medical intuition complements modern techniques by providing a broader knowledge base for the patient to determine their total treatment, and integrates the best of all worlds to create their health care regime using the total mind and body connection.

Energy Healing is another technique. Although considered alternative and complementary health care and medicine, "energy medicine" is now being considered more and more as a valuable healing modality in mainstream medical facilities. Everything has energy. When you reestablish healthy energy patterns, you facilitate the body healing itself. Disease is altered energy that is not resonating at a healthy frequency. Everything has a frequency or it doesn't exist. There are many charts available on the internet that list the frequency of a healthy body (62-78 MHz) or the frequency of particular organs. A diseased organ will not have the same frequency as a healthy organ or an entire body. Energy healing addresses the frequency of your body and its energy centers (chakras), flow directions (meridians), and blockages or any changes in your systems or cells energy patterns.

Energy healing has been around for 2000 years or more, in the form of acupuncture. Acupuncture works by stimulating the patient’s own chi or life-force energy to accelerate the healing process. There are numerous other forms of energy healing that complement and integrate with modern medicine that can be done while you are working with your physician. Quantum touch, Energy Medicine, Healing Hands, Healing Touch, Reiki, Huna, reflexology, Vibrational medicine, acupuncture, shiatsu, acupressure, Craniosacral work, Pranic Healing, Energy psychology, Chinese Medicine and a multitude of others aid the body's energy to facilitate health.

An added value of medical intuition and most forms of energy healing is that the intuitive diagnosis and energy healing services can be performed from a distance or remotely and immediately. This saves valuable time, dehabilitating travel for critically ill individuals, and offers another assessment and healing modality for any person in any location. Both are non-threatening, non invasive, and have no side effects, and are compatible with your current treatments and procedures.

The new medicine integrates alternative complementary medicine and techniques with traditional medicine to address the entire person in order to determine a complete mind body diagnosis and treatment program. The patient is the benefactor by having "all there is" available to them in their choices to facilitate their healing journey.

Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety.

Contact Information:
Brent Atwater, Alternative & Integrative Medical Specialist
Medical Intuitive, Distance Energy Healing ATL, GA Phone: 404.242.9022 USA NC Phone: 910.692.5206 USA


Disclaimer: Brent Atwater is not a medical doctor or associated with any branch of medicine. Brent works in Complementary Alternative Medicine. She offers her opinions based on her intuition, and her personal distant energy healing work, which is not a substitute for medical procedures or treatments. Always consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning any medical problem or condition before undertaking any diet, health related or lifestyle change programs. There are no guarantees with the Energy work.

About The Author
Brent Atwater: Medical Intuitive, Energy Healing: As an alternative medical specialist (CAM), her international evidence based Medical Intuitive & Distance Energy Healing work is published and has been studied by & or documented at Duke, the ARE, & for animals by the NCSU's Vet school. She participates in research & Clinical trials. ARTIST: An artist 30+yrs, Brent is a pioneer in healing art by scientifically documenting Paintings that Heal™. Her art was featured on "PBS". At 16, NC Museum of Art chose her painting for the permanent collection. She founded Just Plain Love™ Charitable Trust to benefit children. AUTHOR: Just Plain Love™ Children's Healing Books. The books are translated into plays performed in children's healthcare facilities turning illness negatives into positives. "Cancer Kids, God's Special Children". "Positive Attitudes, Affirmations, & Actions for Overcoming Your Health Challenges", & "Positive Attitudes, Affirmations & Actions to Help Survive Your Cancer Experience". Brent attended Wake Forest Law School and is a minister.

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