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The Perfect Food For A Perfect Date

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The Perfect Food For A Perfect Date

valentines day hearts and red wine glasses Ahhh... dating, nothing can be more exciting than dating! The combination of excitement and anxiousness are just too amazing to describe. That is why we have exhausted every possible information that can make a perfect and worthy of a relationship date. So far, we tackled the do’s and don’ts of first dates, places to go and avoid, what to wear and what not to wear,what conversations to take and the right questions to ask, but so far we haven’t discussed what food to eat and what not to eat on a date. Knowing the right food to order, I believe is as important as the rest of the information you need to know when going out.

How can food ruin your romantic rendezvous? Let me share what my friend Amanda had been through. She and this guy went out. They went to this fancy restaurant and ordered some fancy food that consists of fish, spinach and lots of herbs...during the course of dinner she noticed that the guy became conscious and started "acting weird." She thought that maybe the guy was just tensed and nervous, so she tried to be funny and cool, but in spite of her efforts the guy seemed unresponsive, until finally his cellphone rang, he answered it and what she feared happened, the guy apologized and cut their date short because, "something important came up." The "something-came-up excuse," as we all know is the ultimate escape when you’re stuck in a bad date. You know, text a friend to call and pretend it’s something important. Yes, her date did that to her. After the guy dropped her in her apartment, she freshened-up, and when she was about to brush her teeth, she saw several green herbs stuck in her front teeth. She was horrified, of course.

Could this be the reason why the guy started acting weird and did the "something-came-up" act? The answer is yes. Maybe the guy was just superficial and shallow, but when you are in your first date, where both of you are assessing and grading each other, you might want to avoid food that can get stuck in your teeth.

So, if want to to have a perfect date, here are some of the foods that you might want to avoid ordering:

* Foods with lots of garlic and onions in them. If you want to experience that lingering goodnight kiss, you might want to avoid food with tons of onions and garlic in them.

* Beans. "Beans, beans, are good for you heart..." as our first grade teacher said, but not on a date. If you’re not a bean eater, you might want to avoid these foods, if you don’t want to spend the whole night holding your fart from exploding.

* Barbecue wings and ribs. You might think its "cool" to eat with your hands and get all dirty, but it’s not. Take my word for it, no guy would want to look at a girl with barbecue sauce all over her face and fingers and meat in her teeth.

* Pastas with heavy sauces and creams. These foods can get messy and can leave you heavy. So if you don’t want to risk messing-up that perfect date outfit, pass this one out.

* Steamed crabs or any shellfish that includes using your hands. Dating is about poise and keeping it simple, and hammering that lobster just will not cut it.

So there you have it, people- foods that you might want to forget ordering when you are on a date... but I am talking about getting- to- know-each- other date here, when you’re in serious relationship most of these rules fly out the window and besides who wants to avoid lobster forever?

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