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It's a Quantum Thing

From Cells To Self in the Biology Of Belief

Scientific Atheism

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It's a Quantum Thing
We don't need to understand quantum physics entirely in order to appreciate it. Just like how astronomy and cosmology deal with the universe at large, Quantum theory refers to the microscopic world of atoms. Quantum physics turned classical physics on its head and spins it around.

From Cells To Self in the Biology Of Belief
What is the connection between a cell membrane and the human brain? A lot, according to cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, whose book "The Biology of Belief", details reasons why we can be the creators of our own destiny. If environmental influences can over-write genetic blueprint in cells, we, as multi-cellular organisms have the power to override our own biology. Rather than being the victims of a genetic destiny, the self can be permeable enough to allow for changes to its biological code.

Scientific Atheism
Some people try to use science to support the belief of atheism, while others feel that the only reasonable position for a scientist to take is that of an open-minded agnostic. However, faith appears to be a fundamental characteristic of human psychology. This article examines the fundamentals of scientific athiesm using valid scientific theories and veiwpoints.

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