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The New Age Movement

2012: The Theories, The Prophecies, The Aftermath

A New History For A New Time

New Age & World Government

Choosing, Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Masculine Energy versus Feminine Energy


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The New Age Movement
New age thinking sees the wholeness that 'all is unity' , that humanity is divine and that all religions are one. There is a change of consciousness occurring on the planet and within the human being. New Age Philosophy believes that human evolution can be accelerated, if not in the entire mass of humanity, at least in suitable individuals. Human nature is perfectible, through an intensive process of purification and Initiation.

2012: The Theories, The Prophecies, The Aftermath
The date December 21, 2012, brings to the minds of many images of gloom and doom, death and destruction. This article examines the evidence and theories describing what is believed will happen, including the mayan calendar and prophecies,the hindu yuga cycle, and the biblical rapture and armegeddon found in the Book of Revelation.

A New History For A New Time
A heart inspired message: it is now time to release the past and to know that a new history is about to begin. Pray now for the quick ascension of this time. May the Earth and all creatures be blessed, and may new life declare itself to have arrived, nevermore to be subjected to the forces of darkness and division that have so much characterized the Earth's past.

New Age & World Government
All freethinkers are excited about the New Aquarian Age where Wisdom will blossom and importance will be on Self development and Planetary Transformation. Some see the connection between the new age and a Paradigm Shift to Global Order. The one world new age movement has connection to many secret societies such as the freemasons.

Choosing, Cleansing and Charging Crystals
Gemstones, rocks and crystals are used for many healing and energizing purposes and can be used for prosperity, love and protection. This article explains how to choose a crystal or gemstone that feels right to you, the four main methods of clearing crystals and how to charge your gemstones or crytals with energy. Learn how to make optimum use of these natural allies of the spirit.

Masculine Energy versus Feminine Energy
Some religions believe in a masculine god and others in a feminine goddess. There is this snobbish assumption that only one is correct and that the other belief is foolish and misguided. Whatever happened to the belief that both energies lie within all of us? There is a lot of talk among the new age communities about a return to feminine energy and a return to feminine leadership.

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Home » New Age » New Age Articles