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  Free Arts & Crafts E-Books

Digital E-Books

These free ebooks are available here in PDF format.

You will need Adobe Reader (latest version recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and read these pdf ebooks.

If you do not have the Adobe Reader program installed, you can download a free copy here. A new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page.

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To open an ebook directly in your browser window, just click on the title of the ebook. (it may take a few minutes to open with slower internet connections). Once open you can either save the ebook or read it directly in your browser.

To save the pdf file to your computer instead, click on the pdf download button or right click on the linked title of the ebook and select the 'save as' option to download the pdf version to your computer. (depending on your browser this option may be 'save link as' or 'save target as').

Select where you want to save the file on your hard drive. After you have saved the file, locate where you saved it, and double click to open it.

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*Clicking on the Link will open the ebook in a new browser window.
To download the ebook to your computer, right click on the link or pdf download button and select the 'save link/target as' option.

the theory and practice of color book cover The Theory and Practice of Color
Bonnie E. Snow, Hugo B. Froehlich, New York, Prang, 1925
Not in Copyright - Digitized by Google Books

In this world we are surrounded by Color. Every object that we see, of any kind, in any place, has Color. It is the one great distinguishing factor which enables us to separate in our vision one object from another.

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beginners guide to canvas painting Canvas Painting 101 - Beginners Guide
Informaniacs - A Virtual Library full of valuable resources.
Master Distribution Rights Granted By Author

People have been expressing themselves through painting for thousands of years. Even the cavemen showed great hunts or other events with paints made from berries and plants. There just seems to be an innate need to show others our thoughts, feelings, and ideas through pictures.

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